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Hair bun tutorial [Odango]

About a year and a half ago, I really wanted to cosplay Princess Serenity for my Mythology final, because we had to dress up as a God or Goddess. Long story short, I didn't figure out how to make a wig and I couldn't sew the dress in time.

For Halloween this year, I thought it'd be fun to be Sailormoon. So I started to think about that wig again. I remembered when I was younger and fresh into the Sailormoon fandom, I bought styrofoam balls because they looked like Usagi's "odango"/"meatballs" on her head. I toyed with that idea again, and this is what I came up with.

- 1 Styrofoam ball per odango
- 2 hair extentions per odango
- Sharpie marker[s] in the color of the extention[s]
- hair elastics
- old pair of scissors
- trash can
- hot glue gun and 2-4 cartridges of glue
- 1 wig head

- Amphigory Lulu in Power [Yellow]
- 4 Packs of Dr. Lock's Silky Straight Kanekalon Braid Extentions in Yellow
- 2 Styrofoam balls in 2.5 inch diameter
- 2 Yellow hair elastics
- 1 Yellow marker [which rubbed off on my fingers easily, which is why I'm recommending the Sharpie XD I used Sharpie on the second odango I made and it didn't rub off]

* Each hyperlink in the tutorial is a picture in reference to that individual step.

Place your base wig on the wig head.

Color the styrofoam in the extention's color. This is so the color of the styrofoam won't peek out from under the extention.

Be careful. Use the old pair of scissors to puncture the ball. Do this over the trash can, the styrofoam will be going EVERYWHERE. You might even want to vaccuum the work area after you're finished.

Once the ball is hallowed out, stick one end of the extention (be sure the end is tied together, not loose) inside the ball.

Glue end to the "wall" inside. I held the extention in place until the glue cooled. Make sure the extention is on one side of the hole.

Repeat steps 1-5 for a second extention. I used two extentions per odango because with one the ball wasn't covered completely, and even with the marker on the styrofoam it looked shoddy. On Step 5 for the second extention, put it on the opposite side where you put the first one.

"Fold" the extentions over one another - each one should be able to cover half of the ball.

Once you have the ball completely covered with hair, put an elastic band around it tightly. Wrap a few times around if needed, but keep enough slack for two more loops.

Now this I admit I need to perfect. I've gone outside with my wig and walked around ... basically, test-driving it, and my odango have stayed put. What I did to secure the odango to the wig was by taking a chunk of the wig and using up that slack with the elastic band. I don't know if they will stay in place for a long time, but if not [as I should be able to wear my Halloween costume to school] I will update the tutorial with a better method.

Repeat Steps 1-9 for each odango/bun/shape that you need to put in.

Thank you for reading! Any questions can be sent to
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